Why Should you consider the various options of adopting sustainable building practices into your new home.

With the cost of utility services such as Electricity, Gas and water constantly on the rise wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to rely as heavily on these services? Are you aware that you could construct a 5-7 star new home and save up to 70% on your running costs. Improving the thermal performance and increasing water and energy efficiency will add minimal additional costs to your initial building quotation, but will save you a fortune over the lifetime of your home.










looking to build a 10 star totally sustainable home in Bathurst?

Whether you are looking to build a 10 star totally sustainable home or just looking to go a little further than the required specifications of your BASIX and construct a 5-7 star rated new home. Dunstan Constructions employ an accredited ‘Green Smart Professional’ who has all the answers to your questions, regarding the construction of your new environmentally friendly sustainable home.

One of the major aspects of sustainable building is water efficiency. Water supply is a growing problem in cities and regional centres right across Australia. Why not consider the minimal additional cost of installing a much larger water tank than the required size set in your BASIX certificate and in return gain a more sustainable home.



Sustainable Homes
Sustainable Homes

Did you know that windows and glazing cause 90 percent of heat gain and 50 percent heat loss within a new home?

Are you aware of the different methods of glazing and window shades and furnishings that will dramatically reduce these percentages?

A couple of the many questions you should consider before you design your new home or sign the contract for construction. 

-Has your new home being positioned correctly on your site to take full advantage and optimise the surrounding environment? 

-Are you aware of what type of wall, floor, roof and cellular insulation is going to be installed into your new home?

-Is your new home in a rural area? Are you aware that you could install an environmentally sustainable septic system for the same price as your specified system? Are you also aware that the environmentally friendly system does not require the ongoing maintenance required with a standard septic system?

-The method of heating is an important aspect to consider in the design of your new home. Are you installing gas because it’s cheaper than electricity or just because it is specified on your BASIX Certificate?









Have you considered all your options?

– installing a full electric reverse cycle unit, this is approximately 10% cheaper to install than the gas furnace system?

-install a 3KW PV solar system for under $6000 and let the sun offset your heating, cooling and other electrical expenses. 

Whether you already have the plans of your dream home and you would just like to increase its sustainability or you would like to design your brand new sustainable home from scratch, give Dunstan Constructions Bathurst a call.